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Family FitnessWelcome to Ford's Fitness
Greetings! We, the Ford family, Janet (Mother) Evin (son) Erica (daughter) and Elita (daughter), have come together as one to help all of those who seek a healthier lifestyle, those who want to maintain their current fitness regimen, or those who seek a fun alternative in fitness.
What separates the Ford family from any other fitness group? Our mission is to provide each of our customers with the ultimate workout experience, doing so by giving our last drop of sweat into each and every workout. The demands of life can be overwhelming, with work schedules, meeting the needs of your families, and a host of other responsibilities; we understand the importance of a great workout. Not only to maintain physical fitness, but also to maintain mental well-being. You may feel good, but we want you to feel great! And with our diverse selection in base-thumping music, engaging personalities, and backgrounds in various forms of dance and fitness, this will be an exercise experience that you won't receive from anyone else! 
Zumba,Pilates,Boot Camp,Toning, are just a few of the classes offered at Ford's fitness, and as we grow, we hope you will come along with us for the journey.We urge you to Explore the site for our times and locations also to join our emailing list so you can keep up with the latest updates from us here at Ford's fitness
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